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Often we dedicate a lot of time to planning our children’s´ parties with amazing decoration all within a certain theme. And like I explained in one of the previous blog posts, Inspired by Alma also started with children parties, first birthday parties to be specific, but my love for creating customized party decoration has expanded far beyond celebrations for the little ones. And besides that, who says theme parties with great decoration are just for kids? Any great party deserves great decoration so let´s see how you can spice up your grown-up celebration with some simple decoration ideas.

When starting to plan your party, the first thing you will need to think about is a theme or a colour scheme to make sure your decoration fits well together. Coming up with a theme for an adult party is probably a bit more difficult than for kids parties because all the Disney or superhero themes are probably not going to cut it. Although, some themes, like the cactus or flamingo theme party ideas we shared in the previous weeks, are perfect for grown-up parties as well! If you don´t want a specific theme, choosing a colour scheme works really well to align your decorations. Once you have your theme or colour scheme figured out, you can start decorating with these simple decoration ideas: 

  • Cake toppers: with cake toppers the food table will immediately look fancy. You can opt for cake toppers with the age for a birthday party, or, if it´s a different  celebration (or you don´t want to advertise your age too much), for fun cake toppers in different shapes (Basically anything is possible here!)
  • Confetti: this can spice up any food or drinks table. Here the same applies, but it´s nice to make them match with for example the cake toppers.
  • Party picks: for all snacks, get some little picks in the same shape /number as the cake toppers and confetti to make it all look good together
  • Decorate the drinks: with fun party cups or straws in your colour scheme every cocktail or drink will look more festive.
  • Balloons and banners: some nice banners and lots of balloons in the colour scheme will finish your party decoration 

That´s it! See, it doesn´t have to be very complicated or expensive to make your grown-up party have some amazing decoration as well.


Also, if you have new ideas for decorations, any of the above can be customized and personalized to exactly what you need. Just get in touch and let´s have a chat about what we can make together!




August 08, 2017 by Natalia Phillips

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