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What to do with your Christmas leftovers?

So, it´s Boxing Day today and Christmas is almost over for this year. Probably you have eaten a lot in the past few days and probably there is still a lot of food left over. Very few Christmas dinners have not enough food and since every meal during the holidays is extensive, it is amazing how many food is left over after these days. And you don´t want to know how much food is actually thrown away after Christmas, such a waste! Hence, instead of throwing it away or feeding the chicken, think about making different meals with your leftovers for the next week or for freezing.

Here are some of my favourite recipes of what to make with your Christmas leftovers:

  1. Turkey & Potato curry

If you had turkey for Christmas, you can use the leftover meat to make some yummy turkey and potato curry:

  • Chop a large onion + a green pepper and sauté in oil in a large pan
  • Add 2tbsp curry paste and 2 garlic cloves and cook for 2 more minutes
  • Add 400 gram chopped tomatoes and 150ml before bringing to boil
  • Add 300gram of diced Turkey leftover and 300gram of diced potato leftover and cook for another 2-3minutes
  • Add some herbs to taste and 2tbsp of mango chutney before serving with rice or naan bread.
  1. Veggie lasagna

Use your leftover veggies for a nice lasagna, easy to make and you can easily freeze it as well for later consumption. Take out all your leftover veggies, lasagna sheets, tomato sauce and cheese and start layering. Easy does it and you can just toss in all the veggies you had left from your Christmas meals. 

  1. Meat & veggie fajitas

This one is also super easy to make and you can use any type of veggies or meat you have left over from your Christmas meals. Cut the meat in stir-fry stripes and sauté the meat before adding the veggies. Add taco sauce and prepare the tortillas. Serve some cheese and other sides to add in the tortillas and you´re ready to eat!

Enjoy your leftovers!





December 26, 2017 by Tineke Franssen

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