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When one of your friends gets married, there is not only the wedding to look forward to, there is probably also a hen party to be celebrated!


When you´re in charge of organising a hen party, get prepared because it can be quite some work! You´re in for a treat so make sure you start well in advance. First things first, decide on a date. You can decide on a date with the bride or, if you want to make it a surprise for the bride, with the group of guests (while of course making sure the bride is available with the husband-to-be!). Once you have the date decided, make sure to give plenty of notice, so send out a “save the date” as soon as possible. That way the guests can block their calendars and make the necessary arrangements. Check with the bride if she wants to be involved in the preparations or have any hard requests for things she does or doesn´t want to. This is one thing the bride shouldn´t really control but maybe just ask what she hated or loved about other hen parties to get some ideas.  Then for planning the day, make sure you know your audience. There is probably a pretty diverse group from different parts of the bride´s life. Don´t plan things that are only fun for part of the group and look for activities that will suit the entire group.


Hen parties tend to get expensive quickly so always keep an eye on the costs and factor in everything. Think about the activities, dinner, drinks, and all the little details. Especially for people that have more than one wedding in a year, it can get very pricey! Here again, you will have to think about the different audiences you´re dealing with, not everybody has the same to spend so you might want to offer some flexibility. Also, always build in a small buffer by adding a little bit to everyone´s costs to make sure everything is covered. If it isn´t needed, use it for an extra round of drinks! Once you have the budget confirmed, be transparent with the guests. Don´t just share the amount they will need to contribute, but give them the break-down of the costs so that they know where the money will be spent on.

Fun little details

This is the fun part of planning a hen party! How can you make it more personal for the bride to be? Think about little games you can play where the different guests can also get to know each other a little better. Have each guest bring their favourite picture with the bride and use it for decoration. Make your own personalised hen tops for all the guests. Get some personalised cake toppers or picture banners. Have the future husband answer some questions and do a quiz with the bride to see how well she knows her man. There are so many options!

What other fun ideas for hen parties do you have? Would love to read them in the comments!

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