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Organizing the perfect baby shower

There is something about baby showers that just gives me a happy feeling… Maybe it is because these celebrations are one of the most special ones (a new life coming to this world!) or maybe it is because they remind me of when I was pregnant with my girls, fact is I love thinking about ideas party decoration for baby showers.

Here are some of my favourite ideas for creating the perfect baby shower:


Obviously, since I love creating original decoration, let´s start with decoration. To make sure everything fits well together, you can either decide for a colour scheme (and it doesn´t have to be only pink or blue! What about other pastel colours? Or rainbow colours?) or a theme. Some of my favourite themes for baby showers are unicorns and twinkle twinkle little star but honestly, the options are unlimited! Once, you have this decided you can get the decoration organized, from balloons to cake toppers, from wall banners to matching party cups, plates and napkins. Also, as a finishing touch, think about getting the cupcakes or some cookies matching with your theme.

Guest book

I love the idea of doing something original for a guest book, like having your guests sign a onesie on a washing line or making a fingerprint tree/balloon. These will be great memories and are also nice decoration for in the nursery! 

Name suggestions

I also like little creative activities to get your guests involved in the name or gender reveal of your child. A simple jar for name suggestions can get the name discussion going (and even provide you with some great ideas!) or, if you haven´t revealed the gender yet, let the guests wear their gender guess by crafting little pins with either blue bows or pink headbands or putting their bet on a chalkboard.  It doesn´t have to be just a game; you could actually use this opportunity to reveal the gender at the end of the shower.

Party favours

Your guests will probably be bringing you lots of gifts and little details, so I always love to have a little party favour prepared for giving the guests. You can do something small like gift a nice nail polish in pink or blue with a sweet message for all of your friends or have some little party bags or boxes with some small goodies. Again, the options are limitless!

“Bring a book”

Apart from decoration, guest books etc., get creative with your wish list as well, instead of having your guests bring the traditional card, ask them to bring their favourite children book with a little message to your unborn child. This will provide you with a nice collection of books to read to your child while also having the lasting messages of your best friends for your little one.

What are your favourite baby shower ideas? Would love to read them in the comments!





August 15, 2017 by Natalia Phillips

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