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My Favourite Party Favour Ideas

party favourSo, this week I would like to share a roundup with my favourite party favour ideas for different occasions. Personally, I love to craft so I tend to make and package party favours myself but I also know that this can be quite a lot of work especially if you have more than a handful of guests. So, I will be sharing a roundup of some ideas I love for which you don´t have to start crafting yourself unless you want to :)!


Favour ideas for a…. baby shower

  • In last week´s post we talked about giving all guests a little bottle of nail polish (in pink or blue if you want to use it as a gender reveal).
  • To keep it in the baby style but still give something useful that the guest will exactly use think about bath foam or gel with a rubber duckie.
  • There are a lot of cute little products with the text “Oh baby” on it. This is not only perfect for the occasion but is a great quote in general so it is something your guests can actually use. Think about for example tea lights or table coasters.
  • Hand soap in the shape of tiny baby feet is always cute
  • Personalized maison jars filled with sweets or bath salt or herbs. (If you feel crafty you can paint maison jars yourself in, for example, pastel pink or blue or you can order them with a text on it).
  • Personalized fridge magnets


Favour ideas for a…. kid's birthday party

There are plenty of ideas out there that involve party favours with candy / food. Personally, I prefer to do something without candy so here are some ideas that don´t involve food:

  • A little bag with seeds so they can plant flowers/plants/herbs at home. I love this idea and children often love to take care of their own little plant.
  • A bottle of bubbles (with a picture of the birthday boy or girl on the bottle if you want to personalize it!). Kids love bubbles so honestly, this is always a good one.
  • If you had a theme party, fun socks in the party theme can be great.
  • Chalkboards with the initials of the party guests and some coloured chalk they can bring home. You can either make these yourself or order them.


Favour ideas for a…. grown-up party

  • Wine/beer glass with a fun personalized text on it
  • Personalized maison jars for smoothies or for candles
  • For the ladies: something beauty related, e.g. a little bag with shower gel, facial masks, nail polish, something to treat them to some me-time!
  • For the men: a speciality beer with personalized beer opener
  • Personalized vintage milk jars

Favour ideas for a…. wedding

  • A useful yet cute little favour: personalized notebooks
  • Wine bottle stopper (if you want you can engrave your names or wedding dates in these)
  • Personalized glass bottle for water or wine. I personally like it when the favour can be used on multiple occasions so instead of only considering putting your wedding date or your names on it, maybe think about a quote about love or marriage to make the favour more useful in day-to-day life.
  • Personalized watering can for plants (same applies here, you can either put your names or wedding date on it or something more general like a quote or wish for your guests)
  • Wine glasses with a message

What are your favourite party favour ideas? Would love to read about them in the comments! 



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August 22, 2017 by Natalia Phillips

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