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Cactus cake topper name and age

This week we´re looking at ideas for a fun Cactus theme party. It´s not really a secret that anything Cactus themed is very trendy right now. And this trend is definitely a big one in theme party land as well! So if you want to organize a cactus theme party, here are some great ideas to get you started.

cactus theme partyCactus Decoration As for decoration, anything dessert-related works for a cactus theme party and think cactuses everywhere. From long green balloons you can make your own cactus wall, from green paper you make some extra cactus plants to put in little pots around the room and there are plenty of fun cactus balloons and wall banners to find online as well. Also, your food can be decorated in a cactus theme, think about cactus cake toppers to decorate your cupcakes and cake,  cactus shaped ice cubes, cactus straws and cactus themed donuts for example. You can even theme your tableware with Cactus plates and cactus cups and get your party guests involved with these Cactus stickers.





Cactus Activities

Apart from decoration, there are some fun activities that can be done within the cactus theme. Since anything cactus is very trendy as well for clothes, towels and scarfs, why not make a fun activity out of it at the party and decorate your own t-shirt of tea towel for example? With staples (either bought or you can make them from cutting a cactus-shape from a potato) and some green paint, this can very fun!

Another nice option with little ones is to bake cactus shaped cookies and to decorate them. Kids love decorating little cakes or cookies and it´s even more fun to take something they made themselves home after the party (or eat them as soon as they´re ready!).

Or make a cactus piñata which is always successful for parties!

There are endless options for a cactus theme party so just get that creativity flowing and you will be able to throw an awesome party!


Do you have more ideas for a cactus theme party? We would love to hear about them in the comments below!

cactus theme party

August 01, 2017 by Natalia Phillips

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