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Getting ready for Valentine´s Day with Kids!

Only two more weeks and it´s Valentine´s Day. Whether you like this day or not, if you have little kids you will probably not be able to escape this day all together so here are some quick tips to get you ready for Valentine´s Day without too much effort.

Getting in the mood at home

If you want to get your kid in the Valentine Day´s mood already, you can start with a little decoration at home with, for example, confetti, banners with hearts, or balloons. This doesn´t have to be complicated, just get or make some small items to get the house in the loving atmosphere already. If you want to get creative and have a fun activity, you can make your own banner by making hearts from paper stripes.

If you like baking, plan a fun afternoon with your little ones and bake some Valentine´s cupcakes decorated with hearts or red/pink details. Other options are a Valentine´s Day cake to bring to school or a heart-shaped pizza for dinner, the options are endless. Just get creative! Another fun snack to make, which doesn´t involve baking is to make heart-shaped tomato snacks. They look super cute, are easy to make with some cherry tomatoes and are healthy! So, they can also be the perfect treat to bring to school if you happen to have to bring something or have a birthday close to Valentine´s Day.


Make your own Valentine´s cards

If you want to make Valentine´s cards with your kids, here are three simple ideas you can make at home and send to family, classmates or friends.

By using the shape of your child´s hands, you can make very cute pop-up Valentine´s cards. In between the hands, you can write a sweet message and decorate with little hearts, kisses of your child with lipstick, or little flowers.

Since kids love to paint and to stamp, make some stamps in the Valentine mood by cutting the shape into a potato and get stamping with red or pink paint. This can be done with children of any age and it makes for a simple, personalized Valentine´s card to send around. 

If your kids are a bit older, have them make their own heart-shaped confetti and use these for the cards. They can either use the hearts they cut and make a flower bouquet out of them by glueing them to a card or by writing sweet messages on them and fill a little envelope with these heart-shaped messages.

So, even if you´re not a big Valentine´s Day fan, it doesn´t have to be complicated or expensive to get a little bit in the Valentine´s mood for your kids.

Do you celebrate Valentine´s day with your kids? And if so, how? Would love to read about it in the comments!



January 23, 2018 by Tineke Franssen

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