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Fun Valentine Crafts with Your Kids

It feels like we just entered the new year (I seriously can´t believe it´s already 2018, time is flying by!), but in a few weeks, it´s already Valentine´s Day! Although I might not be the biggest Valentine´s fan, any excuse for getting crafty works for me and apart from making party decoration for different occasions, I love to get my kids involved in craft activities as well. Therefore, this week I would like to share some of my favourite Valentine crafts you can do with your kids.  


Get those hands and feet painted!

This activity is perfect for toddlers as well and I definitely plan on making some cute wish cards for family and friends with my youngest daughter! It´s simple but super fun so if you´re not afraid to get some hands and feet painted (just make sure they don´t escape with their red hands or feet and decorate your whole house in Valentine decoration ;)), this activity is for you! There are different fun Valentine wishes you can make with painted hands or feet, here are just a few ideas:

  • Form a heart with two hands (or two feet!)

Get both hands painted red and place them on paper upside down so that the form in between both hands forms a heart. In the heart shape, you can write a cute message.

You can also make the heart shape the other way around, by forming a heart by placing the two hands with the palms together on the paper (you can also do this with your kids´ feet!). 

  • Bouquet of flowers with hands

Make a flower bouquet placing some red hands on paper and painting the greenery with some cute messages around it. Simple does it!  

  • Love with hand for O and two feet for V

This one is simple as well, use the painted hand for the “O” and two painted feet for forming the “V” when writing Love.

Caterpillar of little hearts

This activity is probably for a bit older kids. Make them cut little heart shapes from red / pink paper and make a little caterpillar out of these. You can glue these to a wish card and write some nice Valentine messages around it.

Heart stamps

Most kids love making artwork with stamps, so make your own Valentine stamps and let them do their thing! This can be a great activity for different ages so it´s also toddler proof. You can make your own stamps with items you already have at home, for example, use an empty toilet roll and push it into a heart shape or cut a shape out of a potato to make your own stamp.

Heart mobile

Cut some heart shapes from paper and let your kids decorate them with paint, pencils, stickers, whatever they feel like! After the hearts have been decorated you can create a mobile out of them by attaching strings to them. Super cute present for teachers or grandparents for example!


There are many more crafty activities you can do with your kids, but since things with two little ones can already get quite messy and chaotic, I prefer to not overcomplicate it and do some simple yet fun Valentine crafts with my two girls :).

Happy crafting!




January 09, 2018 by Tineke Franssen

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