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6 Fun & healthy Birthday Treats To Bring To School

Since I love all things crafty and being creative, I am a big fan of creative and fun snacks as well for my babies. So, this week I will share my favorite fun but healthy snacks that are perfect for parties or to bring to school as birthday treats (or actually, any celebration that requires a treat :)).

I like the snacks I give my kids to be at least somewhat healthy and not all sugar, so this roundup of 6 perfect party snacks is mostly fruit based and can be given to birthday guests or school mates without feeling guilty for the super unhealthy snacks you´re providing.

Grapes + strawberries = the very hungry caterpillar!

Any other fans of the very hungry caterpillar? I love this children’s book! If your kids love this story too, this snack is for you! It´s super easy and looks so fun. Just take some grapes on a stick, use a strawberry as the head and make two eyes on the strawberry.

Fruit race cars

This one is simple and fun as well, you will just need some apples, seedless grapes and toothpicks to mount the wheels (e.g. grapes) to the car (apple slice).

Healthy pizza

This watermelon pizza might be a bit more work but it looks awesome! You can decide what toppings you want to use but this example uses yogurt, strawberries, blueberries and some chocolate sprinkles. But you can let your creativity flow here and create your own pizza! 

Celery snails & caterpillars

I just can´t even with these little snails and caterpillars, I mean how cute are these? These need a little more work and ingredients than the very hungry caterpillar, but they do look awesome! You can find the recipe here

Chocolate-dipped mandarins

Simple and yummy! Dip the mandarin slices half in dark chocolate, add a pinch of salt and let them harden in the fridge. That´s it!

Kiwi turtles

Take a kiwi slice, pinch some grapes as head and legs with toothpicks to the body, create two little eyes and done, you have some very cute little turtles

Which one is your favorite? Any other ideas for (fruit-based) snacks as birthday treats? Would love to read about them in the comments!



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September 05, 2017 by Natalia Phillips

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