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5 Montessori Activities for Kids Birthday Parties

Coming up with activities for your child´s birthday party is not always easy, especially not if you want it to be activities that are in line with your parenting style. You probably know that Montessori is very popular these days so this week we´re looking into Montessori approved activities that you can organize for kids on parties (or just on a rainy afternoon at a playdate!).

Here are some of the activities I love for kids birthday parties and that are all in line with Montessori parenting:

  1. Baking cookies

Baking cookies is a great activity that involves many Montessori approved tasks. Also, kids usually love to be involved in making food and what is more fun than baking your own cookies before eating them? Although it may be tempting to prepare some stuff beforehand already to save time, actually the whisking, stirring and mixing of the dough is a great activity that kids tend to enjoy a lot. Hence, if you are a lot of kids make teams where some prepare the dough, others knead the dough and the rest uses a rolling pin to flatten the dough. Then all of them together can cut out the cookies shapes with cookie cutters before putting them into the oven.

  1. Making an exploratory box

Let every child make an exploratory box in a certain theme, this could be the birthday theme or any other fun theme. For example, if you do a beach theme, the kids can make an exploratory box in an old shoe box with sand, shells, sea stars etc. Or a fall theme, where you can let them put wood, leaves, moss and sticks. You can come up with anything here!

  1. Arranging flowers

Making a flower arrangement is also very in line with Montessori principles and it is simple enough for young kids as well. It is also nature-inspired if that is what you are looking for and each kid can first pour some water in a vase before cutting leaves, stems and putting the flowers in the vase.

  1. Planting seeds

Gardening is often something that kids love as well so why not have them make their mini garden in a box/pot? You can work with different seeds and first have the kids pour the soil in the boxes or pots with little shovels before investigating and planting the different seeds.

  1. Painting

This one is simple but an all-time Montessori favourite: simply painting whatever they like. Painting doesn´t have to be on paper, why not give them some different objects that can be painted to make it more interesting? Great examples could be wood, seashells, foam balls, leaves etc. You can really make it as crazy (and messy!) as you want to, just get creative! 

That´s it from me for now, do you have any Montessori approved activity ideas for kids parties? Would love to read about them! 



February 06, 2018 by Tineke Franssen

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