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5 Kids Crafts for Birthday Parties

If you´re organizing a birthday party for kids, of course, the decoration and food are a large part of your planning. (And in my case, preferably food that actually matches the decoration :)) However, if the kids are a bit older, have you thought already about fun activities to entertain them during the party?

Since I love being crafty myself, I usually prefer some kind of creative activity for the kids as well so today I would like to share with you my 5 favourite craft activities for kids during a birthday party.

Here we go!

  1. Decorate photo booth props and have a photoshoot

You know these typical photo booth props which are often used at weddings? If you take some blank printables for such props, you can create a really fun activity for kids.  And it´s simple and quick to prepare as well!  

  • Print the blank photo props, cut them out and buy some sticks
  • Have material ready to decorate the props
  • Let the kids decorate them and glue to a stick

When you have the props all decorated, why not have a photo shoot? The kids will probably love it and it´s also a great reminder of the party!

  1. Stamp t-shirts

Get the paint out and some potatoes to make stamps off. Cut fun shapes in the potatoes and let the kids decorate their own t-shirts (or PJs or tea towels, or whatever you feel like!) by stamping them with the paint. This activity is fun, easy but not entirely mess-free, so make sure you know what you sign up for :). 

  1. Decorate photo frames

Get some blank photo frames and take the craft material out. Check Pinterest for some ideas but the possibilities are endless here and just let the kids´ creativity flow. You can get some pictures ready to put in the frames when they are ready that they can take home or take pictures from the party which you can print at home at the end of the party to put in the frame. 

  1. Decorate cookies or cupcakes

Simple, fun and yummy! Let the kids decorate cookies or cupcakes before they eat them or let them take a little bag of decorated cookies/cupcakes home. Dependent on the season or their hobbies you can put a theme to it, e.g. reindeers for Christmas or decorate in line with their favourite Disney movie, but you can also just leave it completely open and let them go with it.

  1. Bake Pizza

This is perfect if you´re also having dinner or lunch during the party, make preparing the meal part of the party a fun activity. Baking and decorating pizzas together with kids is something they tend to love and if afterwards, they can also eat what they created, it´s all the more fun.

What are some of your favourite activities for birthday parties with kids? Would love to read about them in the comments!



November 28, 2017 by Natalia Phillips

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